Blue Drinks Story

Blue Drinks Toronto was established by Nancy Goucher in 2009. It started small with just a few colleagues deciding that it would be nice to catch up on a regular basis. It didn’t take long for word to spread and within a couple of years, there were over 250 individuals on our email list.

Today Blue Drinks Toronto is a social network of hundreds of water-minded individuals that are as diverse as the water profession itself. Members include everyone from students to retired professionals; from water engineers to artists; and from investment managers to policy analysts.

We connect through events held about once a month at bars easily accessible by transit in downtown Toronto. Our events are open to anyone and offer an opportunity to network with fellow colleagues, and perhaps learn something new. At most of our events, we have invited speakers to lead discussions on various water-related topics. We’ve learned about how to make water friendly financial investments, the impact of flushable wipes on our infrastructure, and how to work collaboratively with First Nations to protect water. Previous speakers have included Alexandra Cousteau, City Councillor Mike Layton, and David Miller.

Blue Drinks Toronto has inspired water professionals across Canada. Today, there are active Blue Drinks events across the country including Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa. The Canadian Water Network’s Student and Young Professionals Committee has adopted our model as part of their formal program. We’ve also been recognized as a significant contribution to the Toronto environmental community as a finalist for the Green Toronto Award in 2012.

Blue Drinks continues to adapt and grow. Most recently, we’ve acquired sponsorship from the Canadian Water Resources Association and volunteer assistance from the Canadian Water Network’s Student and Young Professionals Committee. Visit Our Supporters page to learn more.

Blue Drinks believes that meaningful dialogue and collaboration are drivers of deep systemic change that will ultimately excel the water sector forward. We look forward to others joining us in this endeavor.